6 reasons why you should get a thermal receipt printer for your growing business

A multitude of factors makes a business successful.  

The right product-market fit, a great management team, customer-focused policies, adoption of new technologies, and so on. The list seems endless. But there’s one common thread tying all these factors.  

You need to stick to the best practices on every front.  

The best practices on the POS (Point of Sales) front would be to make everything quick, reliable, and scalable to meet the needs of a growing business. And thermal receipt printers are a key enabler of such initiatives.  


Thermal printers can be of two types based on the printing mechanism 

– Direct thermal printing 

– Thermal transfer printing  

We are talking specifically about direct thermal receipt printers here. In this mechanism, heat is applied to a thermal paper with a heated printhead, resulting in an impression on the paper, thus achieving printing.  

This seemingly simple process has been able to address multiple challenges of growing businesses. These were related to speed, maintenance, affordability, and more.  

In this article, we’ll take you through how thermal receipt printers are an ideal choice for a growing business and why you should invest in them too.  

6 reasons to get a thermal receipt printer for your business  

1. They operate at high print speeds  

Speed is an incredibly desirable quality for any business to possess. For customer-facing booths, high printing speed leads to less waiting time for each customer and shorter queues. This significantly elevates the customer experience. They are more likely to revisit your store since they don’t need to wait long.  

For in-house operations, having a high-speed thermal receipt printer would mean your staff has more time to get some real work done rather than waiting for receipts. Quick dispatch of orders, faster inventory setup, quicker bill processing, etc., are some of the in-house benefits of getting thermal receipt printers.  

At TVS Electronics, we manufacture high-quality thermal receipt printers which operate at speeds of up to 210 mm/sec. On top of that, compact builds and premium quality of our receipt printers make it all the way easier for your business to operate at high-speeds reliably  

2. You get better print quality  

Trust takes years to build and seconds to lose. Customers trade their hard-earned money for the products/services because they trust your business. As a business owner, you want all the elements of your business to contribute as much as possible to building trust.  

Now, what would you say happens with the trust when the customer gets a receipt on which it’s difficult to read out the price? This can be the case when it’s an ink printer. The receipts from such printers usually get smudged with ink as customers and cashiers touch them.  

On the other hand, receipts from thermal printers don’t encounter such issues since they don’t follow the orthodox way of transferring ink to a piece of paper. The letters are imprinted on the thermal paper using heat. As a result, you and the customers get consistent, high-quality prints leading to smoother transactions.  


3. They operate at low noise levels  

Customers value ambience more than ever. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cafe, retail store, or even a barber shop, nowhere would the customers appreciate the irritating noise from a clunky printer. Thermal receipt printers operate at such low noise levels that you hardly notice them being there, which is an ideal scenario.  

Even for your employees, their workplace must not be particularly noisy. It hinders their usual tasks and stops them from performing at their optimum best. With a thermal receipt printer in your back office, the employees will have to shout a lot less often. They can be a lot more productive to better support your growing business.  

4. They are durable  

Regular printers have much moving elements. There are ribbons, ink, toner, and whatnot inside a traditional printer. And the more elements contributing to the printer’s functioning, the greater the chances for its failure. The ink might run out, the ribbon might snap, and the toner might stop working properly.  

Thermal receipt printers have a simple design and mechanism. The only two critical elements in function are the thermal paper and the thermal head. The advantage of this simple arrangement is that there’s a significantly less chance of failure. You get consistent performance from the printer for a long duration.  

An important factor affecting durability is build quality. We at TVS Electronics take pride in our unfaltering commitment to quality. Pick any thermal receipt printer from our range, and you’ll find the same high-quality engineering practices.  

5. They are easy to operate  

Simplicity is key to smooth and scalable sessions. You don’t want standard business peripherals that require an expert session to explain how they function. Instead, you want an intuitive and user-friendly device.  

Thermal receipt printers don’t have complex interfaces or hard-to-follow operation steps. Anyone in your ranks is usually able to operate it with ease. In the case of TVS Electronics, our thermal receipt printers are simple plug-and-play, making it exceptionally easy for your business to operate them.  


6. They incur less maintenance cost  

You don’t want to invest in a piece of equipment that makes your business bleed money now and then. By the virtue of their simple mechanisms and designs, thermal receipt printers have very low maintenance costs.  

Essentially, the only recurring cost you’ll have to bear would be for the thermal paper. There’s nothing else like the cost of inks and toners, as it is in the case of other printers.  

Thermal receipt printers are undoubtedly the way to go. However, it’s equally essential that you find the best quality to better support your business. TVS Electronics has a long and rich history of assisting businesses like yours with durable and affordable office peripherals  

Our wide range of thermal receipt printers has something for all your varying business needs. They are compact, robust, and versatile. Equip your business with one of our excellent thermal receipt printers today! 

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