How to use a label printing machine for your business?

The label printing machine is used to print on self-adhesive label material and/or tags that are cardstock. Label printing is the process of printing custom labels using various methods. Digital printing, flexographic printing, and wide-format printing are the different methods available that yield different results in terms of the label’s look, feel, purpose, and quality.  

Businesses use label printing machines for various purposes other than text, like printing QR codes for products, barcodes, and postage stamps. They are also crucial for maintaining logistics for businesses utilizing shipping labels. It improves efficiency in identifying and storing products. They also give a professional image to the businesses compared to the usage of hand-written labels. 

The label printing machines help businesses work in an organized manner by saving time and effort. They help keep the stockroom clearly labelled and organized, which translates to more efficiency and provides support to expanding small businesses.  

Advantages of a label printing machine  

A digital label printing machine provides several advantages over traditional label printing. Some of them are listed below as follows:  

1. Manage inventory and shipping – Label printing machines help SMEs keep track of stocks in their inventory efficiently. They also provide key information about the products. The barcode printed on the products will allow access to information such as stock quantity, dimension, prices, and other variables about the product.
Poor quality labels on the products may result in various issues in the shipping process. Illegible barcodes or incorrect addresses may cause problems in processing orders, such as delays and cancellations. This may lead to unsatisfactory customer experiences.


2. Better and professional print resolution – High-resolution labels are more professional, legible and appealing to customers, which promotes businesses. They increase brand’s credibility in the eyes of customers.  

Handwritten or poorly printed stickers lack professionalism and leaves a negative impression. They may also get damaged easily during transit. These reasons make high resolutions labels a necessity for SMEs.  

3. Increase productivity – Label printing machines that are highly compatible and can easily work efficiently with any printing accessories without any installation hassles. Businesses can then choose the printing accessories that will help increase productivity.  


4. Superior label quality – One of the most important requirements for an SME is using durable labels to withstand wear and tear during the shipping process. The labels need to be of superior quality by being water-resistant, UV-resistant, and abrasion-resistant so that it reaches the customer in good condition and not with a damaged and weak look.  

5. Cost-effective – A SME needs to invest in a cost-effective printer to keep the cost of labels within the budget. The business can make the label printing process cost-effective by choosing a high-quality label printing machine with a low cost per label.  

Using a suitable machine as per requirements can reduce the cost of labels drastically compared to traditional labels.  

Label printing machine for SMEs  


The various criteria that an SME must consider when choosing a label printing machine for their business requirement are as follows:  

1. Types of label printing machines – The SME needs to choose between a laser or an inkjet printer or consider a specialized label printer. The choice needs to be made based on the requirements of the business.  

A laser or inkjet printer can produce customized high-quality labels but it becomes an expensive option if the number of labels to be printed is high regularly. In such cases, investing in specialized label printing machines is better. As no extra supplies like ink and toner are required it brings down the cost per label. You also have options for small, portable devices that can print labels on the go.  

2. Label printing machine price – It is important to consider the label printing machine price and the cost per label when the decision needs to be made about the label printing machine that is the right fit for any business. The estimated volume of labels and the cost of supplies for the printing machines determine the cost per label.  

Thus, sometimes even if the price of the printing machine is low, the high cost per label may increase the overall label costs for the business. The overall label printing machine price includes the equipment, supplies, and other variable costs.  

3. Label printing machine manufacturers in India – Several manufacturers in India provide a wide range of label printing machines based on printing types, resolution, and quality. There are manufacturers providing label printing and flexographic label printing services. They also providing label printing machines with high-quality UV label printing to withstand wear and tear.  

Customizations are also being provided as per the customer’s requirements and specifications. The label printing machines in the market range from petit, portables ones which can print labels anywhere, anytime to big, complex ones which can be used for printing large quantities regularly.  

A good product label creates a positive impression of the company in the minds of the customer. Thus, it is essential to invest wisely in a good label printing machine to help boost the image of a business. A superior label printing machine could help any business achieve a smooth-running logistics and delivery process. SMEs can create a reliable end-to-end label printing system to make them stand out from the competition.  

In such a situation, TVS Electronics comes to the rescue of any business or SME. All the requirements for a label printing machine for any business can be fulfilled by the wide range of label printers from TVS Electronics. The priority of TVS Electronics label printers is to provide customers with high-quality and customized labels and customer satisfaction. Check out our website to search through our products and learn more information.  

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