How To Choose The Perfect Gaming Keyboard and Gaming Mouse: 8 Things to Consider

Since the advent of online gaming is increasing, the demand for a gaming keyboard and gaming mouse is rising too. Getting the perfect setup for your gaming sessions can feel a little overwhelming.  

However, if you’re planning to buy one – we have got you covered. This guide will help you choose the right gaming keyboard and gaming mouse for your requirements.  

Top 8 Factors To Consider While Choosing Your Gaming Keyboard  

A Gaming keyboard is an important piece of equipment to have in your armoury while playing a game. Keyboards come in different quality and designs like heavy-duty keyboards, mechanical keyboards, membrane keyboards, etc.  


The majority of standard keyboards fail to last as long when under the pressure of gamers’ fast fingers. So here are eight factors you must consider while picking the perfect gaming keyboard. 

1. Size of the Keyboard  

Generally, keyboards come in full-size or Tenkeyless. The size of the keyboard depends upon your comfort level.  


If you want a numbers pad on your keyboard then you’ll need a full-size keyboard. However, the Tenkeyless keyboard is a smaller keyboard, great for fitting on a small desk. It allows you to keep your mouse closer as the Tenkeyless keyboard does not have a numbers pad.  

2. Key Technology  

There are two main technologies that computers use to operate: Membrane and Mechanical keys. Gamers prefer mechanical keyboards over Membrane due to their speed, durability, N-key rollover support, and minimizing ghosting. 


In mechanical keyboards, the actuation force stays consistent, making it easy for you to be precise in keystrokes.  

In a membrane keyboard, the actuation force is variable. Hence, these are much more comfortable on fingers. If you have a habit of pushing keys firmly, you can go for membrane keyboards.  

3. Build Quality  

A gamer can make a lot of damage to the keyboard from repeated and forceful keypresses. Therefore, it is important that all the keyboard parts are of high quality.  


The keycaps are made out of either PBT plastic or ABS plastic. Gamers prefer PBT keycaps because they are more resistant to solvents, don’t get glossy, are physically stronger, and can withstand temperatures up to 150 degrees C.  

However, some high-end keyboards can have ABS plastic because they have a thin layer of plastic allowing the keyboard backlight more bright, vibrant, and even.  

4. Backlight  

All the gaming keyboards do not have a backlight but those who do, either come with RGB backlighting or single backlighting. A single-colour backlight lights up the keys in a single colour whereas an RGB backlight is in multiple colours.  


5. Connectivity  

Keyboards are either wireless or wired. Wireless keyboards use radio frequencies like Bluetooth for connectivity whereas wired keyboards are directly connected to your computer via cable.  


A wireless keyboard allows free movement but requires recharging batteries. You may see light input lag in a wireless keyboard whereas there is no such problem with a wired keyboard. You just need a little cable management with a wired keyboard. The same goes for wired and wireless mice.  

6. N- Key Rollover  

N-key rollover registers each keypress accurately and in the right order, no matter how many keys you have pressed at the same time. N-key rollover can come with mechanical keyboards as each key is separated and recognized by the operating system.  


7. Anti-Ghosting Features  

Make sure that your gaming keyboard has an anti-ghosting feature built in. Ghosting is when the computer registers all the incorrect keys instead of the ones you pressed.  


When you’re using more than one key simultaneously, it registers the nearby keys you may have slightly touched. Therefore, anti-ghosting is a must for a gamer.  

8. Price  

Finally, you should consider the price of the keyboard based on its features. The keyboards with extra features are more expensive than those without. Depending upon your requirements and budget, you can choose which features are a must-have for you.  

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Gaming Mouse  

Enjoy the gaming experience by adding a gaming mouse to your equipment that fits your playing style. Consider these factors before choosing the perfect gaming mouse: 


1. Wired or wireless
2. Playing style
3. Grip style
4. Sensor
5. Lightning and customization
6. Counts per inch and dots per inch
7. Weight


With so many keyboards out there, it’s confusing and challenging to pick one. However, we have a great choice for all the gamers out there.  


Check out our Champ Biltz combo of a gaming keyboard and gaming mouse that can fulfil all the necessities of a gamer. This can take your gaming sessions to a whole new level.  

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