7 factors to consider when choosing a keyboard and mouse combo for your business

As a business owner, you are always on the hunt for ways to grow revenue.  

And one of the surefire ways to do so is by improving the workforce’s productivity. Multiple factors contribute to the overall productivity of individual contributors. The tools and equipment they use are among those factors.  

With the widespread digitization, it’s only obvious that keyboards and mice are among the most common office equipment, and perhaps the most neglected as well.  

Employees often fight the urge to smack that clunky keyboard to the wall, for some of the keys don’t work. And they also want to toss the unresponsive mouse in the bin. This might very well be the case with your business if you haven’t been paying attention to these key peripherals of any office space.  

In this article, we’ll take you through all the factors you must consider before getting a keyboard and mouse combo for your business.   

This knowledge will help you  

– Streamline operations, 

– Improve productivity, and  

– Grow revenue  

7 factors to consider when choosing a keyboard and mouse combo for business  

1. Type of work 

Keyboards and mice are manufactured for various purposes, and you must have a clear idea of how your workforce is going to use keyboards and mice. For instance, gaming keyboards are designed not just to make it easier to play games but also have a lot of additional features to appeal to gamers. These include LED installations, custom decals, and so on.  

However, likely, you don’t need any of those features. Instead, you want to look for a numpad on the keyboard if your employees need to do a lot of calculations throughout the day. If they are supposed to type a lot during their job, you’d want to look for keyboards with spaced-out keys.  

Similarly, in the case of mice, you want to look for options that best complement your employees’ work. For example, if they use the mouse a lot throughout the day, you might want to choose one of the lighter options to facilitate their job.  

TVS Electronics, has been the most established brand for keyboards in office spaces across the country. TVS-E keyboards and mice have all the relevant features to make desk jobs easier. Consider checking out our wide range if you are looking for office peripherals.  

2. Keystrokes  

One of the biggest factors affecting the performance of any keyboard or mouse is the keystroke. You must’ve worked with keyboards that are annoying to work. The keystrokes are so hard that it feels like operating a typewriter. The same goes for mice. Poor quality mice, make you use all your finger’s strength for that one click.  

Keyboard switches can be of many types, including rubber dome switches, scissor switches, mechanical switches, and more. And different switch types have varying firmness, noise level, and responsiveness. Check for yourself which device has the best keystrokes for your office operations before investing.  


3. Compatibility  

Keyboards and mice will not be the only devices in your business workspace. There’s so much more going on. Various industries have specialized equipment and machinery that also need keyboard and mouse connectivity for operations. Make sure your keyboard and mouse are compatible with your other office devices.  

Regarding compatibility, it’s not just about ports at the end of the device; it’s also about the cable length. You don’t want to operate the mouse in a weird position only because the wire was couple of centimeters short.  

Consider the potential impact on keyboard and mouse connection before making a decision.  

4. Ergonomics  

Your employees will be using the keyboards and mice for hours on end. This means that even the smallest faults in designs will be amplified over time. Poorly designed keyboards frequently result in employees complaining of wrist ache.  

Invest in peripherals that have paid enough attention to ergonomics. TVS-E keyboards, for instance, have been designed keeping in mind the long operating hours in offices. The stroke lengths are optimized to minimize the extension of fingers during typing. Similarly, the equipment’s edges are chamfered to ensure the edges don’t cause discomfort.  

Make sure you invest in ergonomic devices to ensure seamless productivity over the long term.  


5. Wired/wireless  

While it might not sound much, but wireless connectivity can also affect operations. We all have come across workstations with a cobweb of wires hidden behind them. Wireless keyboards and mice can help you prevent that. Additionally, using wireless devices frees up space to connect other wired but essential devices to the computer.  

So consider the option of having a wireless keyboard and mouse combo before deciding.  

6. Function keys  

Function keys can make a huge difference when used properly. They can help improve productivity, make operations a lot more dynamic, and keep many operation issues at bay. However, not all keyboards and mice have the same kind of function keys.  

If you feel your team can do better with a few more function keys, then find keyboards and mice accordingly.  


7. Price  

Finally, the cost is a key decision influencer. Your goal should always be to go for the device that provides the best return on investment. For example, there’s no point in getting one of those extremely expensive mechanical keyboards for the office. Sure, they are among the finest options, but there are other equally effective yet much more affordable options. 

Finding the right keyboard and mouse combo for your business can be a hefty task. There are so many options and so many factors to consider. In such a case, it’s always best to go with a tried and tested contender.  

TVS Electronics has been arming businesses with the best heavy-duty keyboard and mouse combos. The TVS-E Gold range of keyboards needs no introduction. They are used across offices in the nation. The reasons include robust build, ergonomic design, and affordable price. Similarly, our mice provide same value to your business.  

Check out our versatile range of keyboards and mice and equip your business with the right tools today!  

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    Improving workforce productivity begins with investing in quality peripherals like keyboards and mice. When choosing a combo for your business, consider factors like ergonomic design for comfort, compatibility with devices, wireless or wired connectivity for flexibility, durability to withstand heavy usage, customizable features for individual preferences, budget considerations, and warranty and support options for peace of mind. Investing in reliable equipment enhances efficiency and reduces frustration, ultimately boosting productivity and revenue.

    February 10, 2024 at 10:39 am

    Choosing the right keyboard and mouse combo for your business is crucial for enhancing productivity. Factors to consider include ergonomic design to prevent strain, compatibility with software and devices, durability for long-term use, wireless or wired connectivity based on preference, customizable features for individual needs, budget considerations, and brand reputation for reliability.

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