The Legacy and Growth of TVS Electronics: All You Need to Know

It’s gratifying to do business with those who you trust. And TVS Electronics is a reliable partner for companies and individuals nationwide.  

TVS Electronics is a leading products and solutions provider with cutting-edge technology and a part of an Indian multinational conglomerate that dates back a century. This article provides insight into TVS Electronics’ rich history, futuristic vision, and people-driven core values.  

The Origin of TVS Electronics 

TVS Electronics is one of the subsidiaries of the TVS Group, a century old and one of the nation’s top 5 family-owned business groups. TVS Electronics was established in 1986, and since then, it has become one of the leading business solutions providers in the country. 

And at the foundation of this successful engineering enterprise lie the core values that are laser-focused on customers, that is, you. It is why TVS Electronics has constantly pushed the boundaries of innovation and designed solutions that not only solve business challenges but also delight the users.  

TVS Electronics is also renowned for its exceptional customer support services, which are a logical outcome of its customer-centric culture. The organization is known for its quick response to all customer woes. And when you consider their huge customer base, you might be able to appreciate the magnitude of efforts that go into building such a reputation consistently over a long period. 

What are the Industry Problems We Aim to Solve? 

To put it in simple terms, TVS Electronics helps industries through its rich engineering acumen. With over three decades of experience under its belt, TVS Electronics has developed relevant expertise in various fields right from manufacturing and maintenance to IT network management and e-auctions.  

Multiple industry players often struggle to grow because of a lack of  

● Quality products to augment their business operations 

● A vast service network to cater after-sales services  

● Efficiency of managing e-waste  

● Ability to procure and sell services through e-auctions  

● Infra-managed services to support their IT network, data centers, and more.  

TVS Electronics addresses these specific pain points to help business owners like you to evolve their business to the next growth stage.  

How do TVS-E Solutions Fit Perfectly To Your Business Needs?  

Based on different industry pain points, TVS Electronics caters to multiple services to help your business thrive in this competitive landscape. Let’s go through some of those offerings.  

TVS E products: A wide range of robust products to augment business operations. The offerings include printers, barcode scanners, POS systems, CCTV systems, and more.  


Services for OEMs: A huge network of trained and qualified professionals to cater after-sales solutions. The services include installation & demo, repair engineering, remote tech support, parts management, and more.  


E-waste management services: Collection, management, and recycling of e-waste following the latest guidelines and best practices so as to reduce the stress for partners as well as the environment.  


E-auction services: Procurement and disposal of industrial assets through a click-and-mortar model to facilitate smoother business operations for businesses under a transparent e-auction framework.  


Infra-managed services: Helping various elements in your infrastructure to coordinate seamlessly and function under ITIL compliant processes to ensure minimal downtime and quick problem resolution.  


Why Should You Opt for TVS-E Solutions?  

With a portfolio of successful delivery of solutions to various industry problems for over 3 decades at an exceptional quality of services, TVSe Solutions checks all the boxes for an ideal service partner.  

With an extensive network spreading across the nation and a huge workforce of 36,000+ employees, TVS-E ensures quality delivery everywhere.  

Additionally, there’s a huge emphasis on customer satisfaction that makes TVS-E Solutions your best bet. The satisfied clientele consisting of industry leaders like Amazon, HDFC Bank, Daikin, HP, and others further solidifies this claim.  

TVS Electronics is the perfect partner to fulfil your business needs. Its rich history, proven expertise, and strong workforce indicate its excellence. Therefore, you now understand where to look for a reliable partner who can help you in resolving business challenges. 

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