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Evolution. It defines our existence as much as it does your business. And to keep your business powered up and running, is indeed a challenge in todays networked world. Which is where IMS from TVSE can help.


TVSE’s Infrastructure Management Services is not merely the back-end for your IT infrastructure. It is the very backbone on which several systems are able to seamlessly coordinate, while ensuring that every function performs smoothly at every level.


An SLA-driven engagement backed by ITIL compliant processes, ensures that your systems are constantly monitored, with minimal downtime, and real-time problem resolutions.
With TVSE IMS you can leave your IT Infrastructure to us and focus on the more critical things:
Your business, for instance.

  • Deskside support
  • Asset Management -Testing,
    Deployment and Repairs
  • Parts and Standby support
  • Pre-loaded/Factory Application
  • Print Services
  • Patch Management
  • Vendor Coordination
  • Service Desk/Helpdesk
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Command Centre Management
  • Server & Database Management
  • Back-up and Restore
  • Disaster Recovery Management
  • Physical & Logical Security Management
  • Middleware Management
  • Platform Support
  • Regular Software & Patch Updates
  • SLA & Uptime Management
  • Vendor/ OEM Coordination
    & Reporting
  • Process Compliance &
    Periodic Reviews
  • Monitoring & Resolution of Known Problems
  • User Access & Permission Management
  • Asset Tracking & Management
  • Software Installations & License Management
  • Periodic Execution of Scheduled Tasks Like
    Patch Updates, Disk Cleanup etc.
  • Controls & Standardization of
    Settings across all Users
  • Integration with Customer Applications or Tools
  • Maintain Switch, WAN & LAN Device
    Configurations & Backups
  • Provide Support for WAN, Switches, Routers,
    Access Points & Firewalls
  • Maintain Up-to-date Network Diagram
  • Port Configurations
  • Policy Configurations on Network Devices
    such as Access Points, VLANs etc.
  • Fix Reported Hardware and Software
    Problems within Committed SLA
  • IOS/OS Upgrades and Fixes
  • Routing Configurations Both Static as
    well as Dynamic
  • Bandwidth Performance Monitoring
    and Optimization
  • Incident and Performance Management
  • Monitoring & Management of
    Assets & Applications
  • Servers & Storage Devices
  • LAN & WAN
  • Networking Products
  • Patch Management & Migrations
  • Configuration Management
  • Release & Deployment of Automation
  • Capacity Management
  • Service Desk
  • Access Management
  • Vendor Management

 On-call Support 


 Onsite Support 


 Remote Support (based on company policies) 

 SBD, NBD or 2BD Resolution Support 


 12 x 6 Support 


 Standby Support 


 Spares Stocking 


 End-to-end SLA Management 


 Coordination with OEM, Vendor & All Stake Holders 


 Monitoring & Proactive Resolution

 Priority-based Resolutions 


 Resolution in 4-6 Hours 


 Support Success Rate Around 95% to 98%  


End-to-end SLA Management 


Vendor / OEM Coordination 


Monitoring and Proactive Resolution 


Productivity Improvement YOY at Reduced Cost 

Priority-based Resolutions 


Resolution in 4 to 8 hours 


Success Rate around 95% to 98%  


Rebadging of Engineers 


Complete IT Outsourcing 


SLA-based Services for Warranty, AMC, Break-fix, Helpdesk, Spares etc.


L3 Support 


4 to 8 Hours Resolution 


24×7 Support 


Back-up Manpower Provision



SLA-based Services 


Rerouting of Unresolved Problems to Appropriate Team 


L3 Support Expectations 

Resolution in 2-4 Hours 


24×7 Support 

  • Real-estate Savings through Cloud based & Remote IT Infra Management
  • Better Economisation through
    Reduced IT Budgets
  • Lower Operating Expenditure
    and Optimised Capital
  • Better Adherence to SLA
    & KPI Metrics for Internal
    & External Customers
  • Adapted to Globalised
    Work Standards
  • Shifting Dependency from Onsite
    Support to Remote Delivery
  • Onsite & Offshore Combination
  • Prepared for the Eventuality
    of Virtual Workplaces
  • Reduced Exposure to Contagions
    during Emergencies
  • Virtual Workspaces &
    Communications – IMs, VCs, WFH Support
  • Better Access to Business
    Leaders across the hierarchy
  • Mitigating Risk of
    People-dependent Operations
  • Security & Compliance
  • Ease of Access on any Device
  • Seamless User Experience
  • Ease of Deployment