How Can QSRs Manage In-store Traffic Efficiently?

Did you know that QSRs are the fastest growing restaurants in India with an estimate to grow to over 500 billion rupees by 2025?  

Yes, that’s right! But managing the foot traffic in a QSR can be back-breaking at times. Also, ensuring that your point of sale service is satisfactory can be a tricky task.  

Though you’re not alone, everybody is running in the same race. However, some awesome products are solutions to all your challenges. In this blog, we will discuss the top 7 solutions by TVSe that you can leverage to operate your QSR efficiently.  

What are QSRs?  

QSRs are Quick Service Restaurants, commonly known as fast food restaurants. They focus on providing food as quickly as possible. QSRs typically cater to fast food items (limited menu) as they take less time to prepare.  

Besides, it is easy to maintain the quality expectations of the customer for such food items. These restaurants prepare food in a short space of time and serve it quickly. Generally, QSRs operate as food chain restaurants using a franchise model.  

Some popular QSR chains include McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, Chai Kings and Breakfast chain of outlets. QSRs are often part of the fast food industry. Although, some may offer healthier options than traditional fast food restaurants. 


Top 7 Solutions You Need For Your Quick Service Restaurant  

Managing a quick service restaurant seems difficult. Therefore, adding these five remarkable products to your business can boost the process.  

1. Touch POS System 

Take orders and payments with a few fingertips!  

Speed up the process of orders and payments with a touch POS system. Instead of capturing data traditionally, you can simply tap on a screen to complete a buy.  


So, save your time and reduce errors. Furthermore, you can digitize your menu items for quick billing, manage inventory across all your QSR branches, and track customer preference data.  

As a result, more efficient business operations and a better experience for customers. TVS Electronics provides variants of the Touch POS System to ensure the right product for every business. From removable display to android architecture and multi-display, Touch POS System comes with variants.  

Get it here!  

POS Software Billing Application  

We saw how a Touch POS System can make your work easier! However, to make your QSR operations truly seamless, you need a POS billing application software. PetPooja and GoFrugal are the best platforms for getting integration software support.  


With robust technology, 150+ integrations, and 24×7 customer support, they focus on simplifying QSR operations for its customers. So you can focus more on growing your QSR profitably instead of getting into minor errors.  

Some of the amazing benefits your QSR can get from Petpooja and Gofrugal are:  

● Receive payments through digital payment options like UPI and links.  

● Express and manage billing process  

● Manage online and offline orders  

● Recipe management  

● Enables you to track Inventory and Waste management  

● Storing information in the Cloud including software, MIS, alerts, etc. 

● Option for Kitchen display* (display device is not part of the integration)  

So why wait? Get started with end-to-end one-stop Quick Service Restaurant solutions by TVS Electronics. Powered by Petpooja(windows) and Gofrugal(Android) today and make your restaurant run smoothly.  

2. Cash Drawer  

Is your cash box looking messy? Looking for a place to keep your cash safe and sound?  


Well, here’s a top-notch product- Cash Drawer! This sturdy little drawer is perfect for storing high-value currency, coins, checks, and even coupons.  

With a cash drawer around, you can make sure that your money is kept securely. So why wait? Don’t take risks with cash.  

Pick up a cash drawer today and sleep soundly knowing your money is in good hands!  

3. Cash Counter 

Worried about fake currency or mistakes in cash counting? Don’t let a stack of loose notes slow your QSR down. Get a one-stop solution for all your worries with “Cash Counting Machines”.  


These machines can handle a high amount of cash quickly and accurately, while also detecting counterfeit notes. So you can keep your QSR running efficiently and smoothly, without worrying. 

Get a cash counting Machine that delivers speed, precision, and peace of mind. 

4. E-Cash Registers 

Why not add just one more product to your QSR that can ease operations? 

Looking for a smart, affordable cash register? Look no further than the E-cash Register. 


Even low-cost cash registers include functions to record sales, calculate change, provide price look-ups, and print customer receipts. Though, our registrar does all of that and more. 

Furthermore, it’s easy to use and extremely user-friendly, so you’ll be up and running in no time. So why wait? Invest in an E-cash Register today. 

5. Barcode Scanner 

Are you planning to keep some packed food items for your customers? Do you want to collect payments for tables by just scanning the QR code on the bills? 


If yes, here’s a barcode scanner that captures the code quickly without any loss of information. So, you don’t need to look for any information manually, this device will do all for you.  

You can scan invoices for table payments instead of entering billing details manually. TVS Electronics Barcode Scanners are available in variants (1D, 2D, 1D laser, 2D Omni-directional) designed based on business needs. 

Get it today now and speed up the process of your QSR! 

6. Receipt Printers 

Long queues in your restaurant? Here’s Queue-busting technology! 


Thanks to the easy functionality and rapid printing receipt printer. When you choose one of our printers, you can say goodbye to long queues and frustrating bottlenecks in your billing process. Our Receipt Printers come with KOT’s (Kitchen order ticket) capabilities, wifi, Bluetooth, and in 3” or 4”.  

Receipt printers can accelerate the billing process in your QSR by triggering KOTs direct to the kitchen. So, don’t wait any longer – make your business run more smoothly with one of our receipt printers! 

7. Surveillance Cameras 

Want to know the ins and outs of your restaurant? Want to keep an eye on every activity of your store? 


Sit back on your chair and take a deep breath after installing CCTVs in your store. No matter what location you’re in and how busy you are, you will always have an eye on your store activity.  

From classic models to star and high-performing models TVS Electronics has launched its variants in different ranges. Click to see all variants and ranges! 

Final Thoughts 

Managing in-store traffic is not difficult with the right devices. These 5 products from TVS Electronics will help you streamline your operations. It would be easy to make your QSR run more efficiently. Get all of these products today to help take your business to the next level! 

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