9 Reasons Why Should Get CCTV Cameras for Home

One fine evening a senior citizen, in Mumbai, got out of his house to get some fruits. Vitamins and minerals are key to a healthy life, after all. However, he came home to a shocking revelation.  

The house was in a state of complete disarray and valuables worth almost 55 lakh were nowhere to be found. The man had no CCTV (closed-circuit television) camera installed in the building. But thanks to home webcams installed in nearby buildings, the cops were able to identify and capture the thieves.  

The general perception dictates that CCTV cameras are only for big businesses and establishments. But that’s farthest from the truth. The bitter truth is that our societies aren’t that safe anymore. There are plenty of bad elements lurking out there and you need all the possible security measures to keep you and your family safe.  

In this article, we give you 9 reasons why should get a home webcam. Along the way, we’ll also share the best home cameras and the webcam features that might be useful for you.  


1. It prevents and deters crime: The primary reason to get a home webcam installed is obviously to fend off the criminals. The mere presence of security cameras on your premise will make burglars stay away because it exponentially increases the risk of them being caught.
All of this will give you greater confidence when keeping valuables in the house. Moreover, you will also feel more relaxed when it comes to the safety of the children and elderly in the household.

2. Gives you better insurance deals: One of the most underrated home webcam features is that it helps you save a lot of money bagging sweet insurance details. CCTV cameras make your house a safer property and the insurance agencies can see that. It’s why when you go out to get your home insured, having a security camera installed will lead to significantly smaller insurance installments. Over the long run, the home webcam might even pay for itself in terms of the insurance money it helps you save.  


3. Gives you remote monitoring abilities: SC-21EL Classic is a home webcam that you can easily get installed in your house and monitor the feed from anywhere, anytime. It is essentially like being at your house at times.
And this brings in a lot of benefits. You can keep a watchful eye on the house help. If there’s some project going on in the house, you can monitor the workers and progress. If you leave a toddler with a nanny, then it would also work as a nanny cam. Think of all the control you get over your life with a home webcam.

4. Helps keep your pets safe: If you have pets, you know how difficult it could be to provide them quality care and monitor their well-being at the same time. Our jobs often keep us from being with our pets at all times. And you leave your pup/kitty in the house, you are always worrying if they are doing alright.
The best home cameras help you put aside all these worries by letting you watch over your pets, even when you are not at home. It helps strengthen the safety of the pet as well. You can periodically check on them and see if they are doing alright.


5. Aids police and authorities: Sometimes, despite all your efforts and measures, crimes happen. In case of criminal event takes place in your house or nearby, home webcams can still come to the rescue.
The example we mentioned at the beginning of this article is a prime example of how CCTV cameras can be a service to yourself as well as society. The authorities can always analyze the footage and use it to solve crimes by identifying individuals and the sequence of events.

6. Requires minimal maintenance: The good part about the best home cameras is that they are essentially a one-time investment. There aren’t many moving parts involved in the equation. Hence, no upkeep costs, unlike other security measures.
However, it’s only the best quality home webcams that are easy to maintain. For example, SC -21BL Star is a hardy and low-maintenance CCTV camera solution that you can go for. With its metal body and IR capabilities, it’s a smart purchase for most home security scenarios.

7. Add potency to alarm systems: Another huge advantage of CCTV cameras is that they can be an excellent ally to your alarm systems. While alarm systems use sensors to notify you of any suspicious activity, they don’t often fail to provide a complete picture.
If you have a home webcam installed, you can always take a look at its footage in case your alarms go off. CCTV cameras in combination with alarm systems make for robust security infrastructure.

8. Is an alternative to physical security: Hiring physical security is a costly affair. Additionally, the process of finding, filtering, and recruiting the right people for the job is not an easy one.
Home webcams hire the need to minimize the need to hire physical security to a great extent. Additionally, you can always rely on CCTV cameras to carry out the job 22*7*365 with the same efficacy. You can’t say the same for humans.

9. Provides peace of mind: Finally, the biggest benefit of getting a home webcam is that it brings great peace of mind. And that’s something you can’t put a price on.  

Once you make the decision of getting a home webcam installed, the next big challenge is to find the best home cameras. You’ll want to determine the webcam price as well as the webcam features.  


But things can be simple if you check out the range of CCTV solutions from TVS Electronics. We’ve got a home webcam solution for every home and every situation. And we not only give you the TVS guarantee but all offer the most competitive pricing. Go check out TVS Electronics CCTV solutions now.  

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