Why Do You Need a Smart Keyboard For Making The Best Out of Your Smart TV

Remember the last time you were trying to search for something on YouTube on your smart TV? Was it as easy as typing on your phone? A normal remote is just not enough for utilizing your smart TV to its fullest. Browsing the web, searching for movies on video streaming platforms, and using your smart TV as a PC can be easily done with a smart keyboard.  


While we are getting more reliable on technology day by day, it’s important to make the most optimal use of whatever devices you have. Our productivity and habits are directly connected to how we utilize smart devices like our phones, laptop, TV and more. Moreover, smart TVs have numerous under-utilized features that can help you make the most out of work and entertainment.  

In this blog, we will discuss why you need a smart keyboard for your smart TV and the top use-cases you can leverage it for.  

What is a Smart Keyboard?  

A smart keyboard is a wireless keyboard consisting of a touchpad along with a keypad. Once you connect it with your smart TV, using USB connectors it becomes easier and more convenient for you to search by typing, access various apps and features and perform various tasks on your TV almost in a way you use your laptop or PC.  


Connecting a smart keyboard with your smart TV is not only recommended to search for your favourite shows on Netflix, the application possibilities are endless. Let’s now unravel some amazing use cases of a smart keyboard.  

Top 5 Use Cases of Smart Keyboard with Your Smart TV  

1. Control your Smart TV in a Hassle-Free Way 

Every smart TV has an internal on-screen keyboard installed. However, navigating the keyboard using a remote is too much of a hassle. Users, at times, even change their plans after finding it difficult to type on the smart TV. A smart keyboard solves this issue entirely. From navigating between apps to browsing the web, chatting with friends, searching for video content and accessing social media – everything becomes seamless with a keyboard.  

2. Design Your Home Office Setup  

If you work permanently from home, and especially if you’re a software developer – you most probably love big screens and multiple display setups. However, you never realized that the smart TV at home can be the central part of your home office setup.  

To create a powerful and attractive setup, just attach a webcam to your smart TV and a smart keyboard and you’re good to attend meetings, manage your team and work proactively.  

If you’re used to a mouse and not a touchpad, you can try a multimedia combo which consists of a keyboard and a mouse.  

3. Upgrade your Smart TV to a Smarter TV  

Imagine video calling your entire group of friends on the big screen, won’t it be fascinating? Using your smart TV with a webcam and a smart keyboard would ensure you have an exceptional live video experience. Attending virtual events, meetups and conferences would be a lot more efficient and interactive at the same time.  

4. Let Your Kids Play Video Games  

Your kids keep asking you to buy a PlayStation or Xbox, but did you know high-definition gaming can now be enabled on your smart TV. Most modern Smart TVs run on Android and allow you to install certain games designed specifically for the TV interface. Just get a smart keyboard and connect it with your TV. Your kids will have a fantastic video gaming experience without you spending extra on PlayStation or other gaming gadgets.  

5. Learn Online Effectively  

The pandemic transformed our primary approach towards learning our mainstream curriculum as well as acquiring new skills. From young school children to working professionals, we all learn online now because of the multiplied efficiency and convenience that comes within. Using your smart TV for learning through online courses and video tutorials on platforms like YouTube, can be a super-productive experience. To browse fast without getting frustrated by the onscreen keyboard, integrating a smart keyboard would be the perfect online learning option on your smart TV.  

Additionally, your children can also attend their live online classes, access recorded sessions and play educational games to make learning fun.  

Your smart TV can be used in a way more different ways than you utilize it usually. Just like your smartphones and PCs, smart TVs are also loaded with numerous applications and more plugins can be installed. However, to make the best out of your smart TV by browsing the web and using it as your PC by performing various tasks – you need a smart keyboard and mouse.  


We offer a sophisticated solution for using smart TVs more efficiently with our Champ Smart Keyboard which comes with an inbuilt touchpad. A sleek wireless keyboard with dedicated multimedia keys for smart TV and scissor-type key switches, ensuring a smooth and reliable experience for you.  

Check Out Now To Make Your Smart TV Smarter  

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