How much to Invest in CCTVs for Home? Is it worth it?

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television and is also called video surveillance or security cameras. It is a system of video cameras, monitors, and data networks that allow you to transfer images from the cameras to the monitors. The surveillance systems may also include other devices, such as servers, storage disks, and client computers that allow for the storage and processing of video data.  

The systems can be integrated with security systems and other information systems. They are designed to ensure security at protected sites, monitor personnel activities, and keep track of production processes, among other things.  


CCTVs can record and survey all around to create a robust security system. Setting up security cameras in the home is always a good idea since the security camera system can help solve crime in case of any potential crime in the area. It can also use real-time monitoring, remote transmitting, and video recording to help in case of an accident in the area.  

The advantage of using a CCTV camera for home is that it increases the security of your home and provides protection to your family and loved ones from unforeseen circumstances. The usage of CCTV cameras at home has increased over time since setting up and using surveillance systems has become easier and more manageable these days.  

The other reasons for installing CCTVs at home have been listed below in detail. 

Benefits of having CCTVs at home – With the increasing crime rates, safety has become a major concern for homeowners. They want to ensure the safety of their family and loved ones on their own. Installing a CCTV system provides the following benefits to homeowners: 

1. Visual deterrent – In case of pre-planned crimes or attacks by criminals, CCTV cameras at home act as a huge deterrent. Burglars and thieves prefer easy targets for their crimes. It is important to make sure that the CCTVs are visible and that their presence is advertised on your property. The sight of CCTVs deters burglars or thieves from making your house a target. This helps protect your house from likely crimes and ensures the safety of your family and loved ones.  

2. Identify criminals – CCTV can be used not just as a preventive system; it can also be useful once a crime is committed by identifying the criminals. CCTV cameras help in the prevention of a crime but in the case, a burglary, break-in, or any other kind of criminal activity takes place the CCTV can provide support to the police and law enforcement by sharing videos or images of the criminals or culprits. This can help law enforcement in giving evidence and bringing justice to the victims. This brings the neighbourhood one step closer to becoming safer over time.  


3. Monitor home remotely – The biggest benefit of using a CCTV system is that you can monitor the footage of your home and neighbourhood from anywhere remotely. You can easily access your CCTV system on your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone over a secured internet connection. You can also check the surrounding of your home from inside the safety of your home. In case you find anything suspicious outside your house you can check it using your CCTV cameras without having to venture out of your house. If you want to check who is at the door without opening it, you can use the CCTV camera as a peephole at any time. 


4. Reduce Insurance costs – The security of the property plays a vital role in deciding the insurance rate of the property. Thus, the installation of a CCTV system will help reduce the insurance policy costs and premiums for the property. This is primarily because with a CCTV system you are adding an extra layer of protection to your property which in turn reduces the likelihood of your property being damaged or vandalized by intruders. Although there is an initial investment in setting up a CCTV system for the property, by reducing the insurance costs you end up saving money over the long run.  

5. Cost-effective – In the long run, the CCTV system works cost-effectively. Firstly, you cannot put a price on the safety of your family and loved ones that are provided by the CCTV system. Then although there is an initial cost associated with the installation of the CCTV system over time it does not require much maintenance and brings down the insurance costs of the property. There are several options available in the market to suit every budget. You can choose from wired or wireless systems to monitored or unmonitored systems as per your requirements.  

6. Low maintenance – These CCTV systems require very low or no maintenance over a long period. Thus, once the CCTV system has been installed you can operate it forever without investing much effort or resources. All it requires is an occasional wiping and cleaning and periodic check-up from a professional team in case any technical issues arise. Thus, you can say goodbye to all worries regarding the working of the system once the installation is complete.  

CCTV systems and cameras are very commonly used in commercial areas. Almost every building or property in any commercial area is equipped with them. But currently, we have seen a surge in the usage of CCTV systems for homes with increasing priority on safety. More and more homes and private properties are adopting these systems because of the various benefits they provide.  

You cannot put a price on the safety of your loved ones and family which makes it even more important to install a CCTV camera in your home. TVS Electronics provides a range of CCTV products that are designed and installed to cater to all your individual requirements for your home security. The initial investment in installing a CCTV system is worth all the benefits that it provides to the homeowners in the long run.  

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