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CC 232 Classic+

TVS-E CC-453-Star - Cash Counting Machine

CC 232 Classic+

CC 232 Classic+ is an automatic, reliable, professional currency-counting machine with advanced technology and precise sensors for fast cash counting. Its UV and magnetic radiation detect counterfeit notes with LCD red alerts and can also count old and new currencies. In addition to batching, adding, and self-examining functions, it has automated start, stop, and clear.

Suitable for Heavy Duty Operations
Detects and Counts Both Old and New Currencies
Automatic start, stop and clear
Supports Batch Function With In-built Display
Super Fast Currency Counting: 1000 Notes/min
Easy Maintenance: Self Check Function

Hopper Capacity

200 bills

Stacker Capacity

200 bills

Counting Speed

1000 pcs/min


280x255x190 mm

Size of Countable Notes

50×110-90×170 mm

Thickness of Countable Notes

0.075-0.15 mm

Counting Display

4 digits

Batch Display

3 digits

Net Weight

4.5 kg

Gross Weight

5.5 kg

Power Supply

AC220V±10% 50Hz

Power Consumption


Ambient Temperature

0°C – 40°C

Ambient Humidity

25% – 80%

Feeding System

Roller Friction System

** Fake Note Detection will have its limitations and vary from time to time