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TVS-e Cash Drawers


Cash Drawers

CHAMP CD 58410G is a multifunctional, reliable, secure Cash Drawer with 5 cash and 8 coin trays. It is designed and built with robust stainless steel construction. The steel guides and wear-resistant plastic rollers provide a smooth, wobble-free glide. The three-position lock with an open drawer sensor provides maximum cash protection.


Trays: 5 Notes & 8 Coin trays

Metal Body with Key Lock Option 

Interface: CDK Port, 24 Volt 

Durability: 1,000,000 operations

Casting: Stainless steel construction


TVS Electronics has been in the business of providing businesses with top-notch peripherals and devices to augment their operations. Our rich legacy spanning over more than three decades and unmatched engineering acumen puts a seal of guarantee over every TVS-E product, the cash drawers in this case.

With our primary focus being your conveniences and profitability, we engineer solutions that are the best blend of quality and affordability. TVS cash drawers are among the most reliable and affordable cash storage solutions available in the market. Use our website to order your TVS cash drawer right now.

To put it in simple terms, a cash drawer or cash tray is part of the cash register/POS system where cash is stored during transactions. It acts as a temporary, safe, and convenient way to manage cash during operations.

Cash trays are mostly used in retail settings where exchange of physical currency is involved. Some examples of such settings would be textile shops, restaurants, toll booths, multiplexes, etc. Most modern cash drawers usually consist of compartmentalized cash trays to hold currencies of various denominations. This facilitates smoother operations and easier accounting of physical money whenever required.

Based on the nature of operations, scale of the business, and security measures needed, you can buy cash drawer type that best suits your needs. The two broad categories of cash drawers are:

  • Manual cash drawer: As the name suggests, this type of cash drawer is meant for basic operations. You use the push/pull actions to store/remove currency. Though rare, this type can still be found in small scale brick and mortar stores.         
  • Electronic cash drawer: This cash drawer type connects with the cash register or the POS system through connectivity mechanisms such as USB ports. And since there is an electronic connection, it paves the way for features like open-drawer notifications.

Any cash drawer lends two major capabilities to retail businesses. The first one being easier cash management. Since cash drawers have dedicated compartments for various currency denominations and different types of compartments for notes and coins, cash management becomes much simpler with cash drawers. It allows the staff to easily store and give away cash while ensuring minimal errors.

The other reason to buy cash drawers is that they also secure your cash. A cash drawer made up of high quality material is definitely a better way to store cash. Additionally, advanced features such as open drawer sensor and three position lock make your overall operations even more secure.

However, not all cash drawers are the same. There are multiple factors you need to look at when buying a cash drawer. Therefore, it’s better to go with a reliable manufacturer such as TVS Electronics.

Check out TVS Electronics’ cash drawer offering.

It is a heavy duty cash drawer meant for high volume operations. The high-quality stainless steel construction makes it one of the more secure options to store cash. And the steel guides and wear resistant rollers make it a durable and reliable option. It comes with 5 note and 8 coin trays to facilitate smooth cash management operations.

The additional security features include a three-position lock and an open drawer sensor. We guarantee 1 million operations for this drawer which means you can easily rely it on for many many years after the purchase.