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Thriving businesses deserve a reliable partner. TVS Electronics’ E-cash Registers are tailor-made for businesses, thanks to its rugged build and efficient output. Designed to handle long working hours, our cash registers endure!

PT 262

TVS PT-262 e-cash Registers
Designed to work in most challenging terrains, TVS PT-262 is one of the most preferred billing terminals and empowers Indian retailers who prefer an electronic register over a personal computer.

Easy to install, no more installation hassles

The built-in thermal printer offers extreme speed

Compact and light – weighs only 2 kgs

Zero Maintenance – Low Servicing Costs, Non-Stop Billing

Non-Stop billing, built for an effective and efficient experience

Tracks sales by printing reports, Commission Reports, Bill-wise summary, Monthly reports and many more.

PT 235 is a compact, lightweight, multi-functional handheld Electronic Cash Register with a KOT feature, allowing retailers to operate the machine seamlessly with their existing POS. It has a rapid print speed and an inbuilt battery for prolonged usage with an automatic sleep mode that powers down when idle. It comes with an intuitive bank-level security design for data protection.


Print speed up to 150mm/s

Super tiny, unique front paper-out design

Power saving

Long battery life – prints 1500 receipts continuously

Wonderful touch button experience

Secured Transaction

PT 235

Designed to work best for small time retailers, this Point-Of-Sale TVS PT-3124 is the preferred billing terminal, and empowers Indian retailers who prefer a state-of-heart electronic register over a personal computer.


Simple to use and dynamic, clocking 150 mm per second

Rugged, durable and easy to maintain

Designed for Operational efficiency and improvement performance

Environment friendly, works even in the most rugged terrains

PT 3124

TVS PT-3124 e-cash Registers

TVS Electronics is a leading provider of electronic peripherals that support business operations. Be it printing machines, surveillance systems, or even cash registers, you get unmatched quality and reliability from every TVS Electronics product.

And if you want to buy cash register, TVS Electronics is the perfect avenue for your needs. With a rich legacy of more than 30 years of quality engineering, we engineer solutions that are the best blend of quality and affordability. Check out our range of electronic cash registers and buy TVS E cash registers online right now.

The basic function of any cash register machine is to log transactions. The operations of a cash register machine can be calculation of sales total, adding taxes, printing receipts, lock/unlock cash drawer, etc.

While the very first cash registers were mechanical devices that used to carry out calculations and unlock cash trays, the modern electronic cash registers come with a whole lot of functionality.

Apart from carrying out calculations, the modern electronic cash register machines are able to print receipts, store transaction information, log inventory, and more. With an online cash register, it’s much easier to access information while sitting in any part of the world.

Also, a modern electronic cash counter doesn’t take much of your countertop real estate and facilitates business functions with ease. The ease of use and various automations in these cash registers lead to fewer errors and faster operations.

Businesses such as retail stores, restaurants, food trucks, textile stores, etc. don’t need extremely sophisticated solutions to manage their day to day needs. And these machines are a perfect match for such businesses. Especially when you consider the cash register machine price. The ROI makes all the sense in the world.

However, the cash register price isn’t the only thing you should look at when making a purchase. There could be instances when the cash register machine price would be low but then so would be its functionalities. It’s key that when you buy a cash register online, it matches your specific business requirements. So let’s first understand how the best cash registers online can help your business.

  • Faster checkouts: Long queues are among the biggest reasons for poor experiences for customers in any retail setting. An electronic cash register can significantly improve the speed of transactions and facilitate faster checkout. On top of that, the speedy transactions don’t come at the cost of accuracy.
  • Simpler operations: Any regular store operation can have multiple nuances when it comes to the nature of operations. For example, there might be coupons to manage, different types of inventory to account for, and even more. With an electronic cash register, all these become very easy to manage since the machine can account for all of it.
  • Improved security: With a reliable cash register machine, cash mismanagement and theft will become the least of your worries. Most modern cash registers can either connect with the POS system or have a cash tray lock functionality.
  • Simpler maintenance: Unlike any other thing, electronic cash registers don’t require much investment when it comes to maintenance. All you need to do is set up the machine once and continue with operations without worrying about anything else.

When it comes to buying, the cash register price will always be one of your biggest concerns, but so should quality, reliability, and functionality. And when it comes to all those attributes, TVS Electronics is the place where your search would come to an end. TVS-E cash registers are built for dynamic performance and delightful output.  Check out our range of rugged and durable electronic cash registers.

This tiny but powerful cash register weighs only 2 kg and comes with a built-in thermal printer capable of supporting high-speed operations. To make life even easier, it’s capable of generating various kinds of reports such as commission reports, bill wise summary, monthly reports, and more. It has a raised membrane keyboard, 25 function keys, 6 hotkeys and terminations keys to lend you the required agility for swift operations. And most importantly, the cash register price won’t disappoint you as well. So go get your robust and powerful electronic cash register right now.