Tips on How to Choose the Right Barcode Scanner for your Business

A barcode scanner is one of the handiest devices for flawless inventory management. It helps in tracking and storing information about various products, ranging from a few to million items.  

The use of barcode scanner is not limited to capturing data from barcodes but has extended to translating it into readable, actionable information.  

A barcode scanner:  

  • Eliminates the possibility of human error that occurs while manually entering the data 
  • Increases efficiency by helping employees perform tasks quickly without the need for comprehensive training. 
  • Helps in organising inventory with abilities to read real-time data of a particular product or tracking outgoing shipments and equipment. 
  • Is versatile for use in any business. It helps in working the queue faster in retail stores by accurately scanning products and store’s inventory information for suppliers by saving essential tracking information.  
  • Is affordable and user-friendly. 

Which industries benefit from barcode scanners?

Inventory management with a barcode scanner online and offline can drive omnichannel marketing for retailers of any size. The best example of using barcode scanners for omnichannel marketing is by electronics companies in India selling products both, online and offline. The Healthcare sector also primarily benefits from a barcode scanner to help track complex relationships between manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and healthcare providers. Transport and Logistics businesses can track their shipments with ease.  

But the advantages of these scanners are no longer limited to these traditional businesses. Special events and travel passes, mobile phone apps that perform a particular action, calorie counters and self-checkout apps at stores utilise barcodes. It’s now even used for asset management by PSUs, easily tracking and auditing office resources across multiple

Which barcode scanner is suitable for my business?

Different barcode scanners cater to specific industries. Before understanding the types of barcode scanners, ask yourself these questions:

  • Where will it be used? 
  • What is the frequency of its use? 
  • Is there a PC available to connect with it? 

Before choosing a barcode scanner, let’s understand the three main scan engines used in different barcode scanners.  

  1. Laser: This scanner uses a lens, sensors and light to scan information. It was the only mechanism during the early days that could read 1D codes. 
  2. How does a Barcode Scanner work

  3. Linear Imager: These scanners are perfect for heavy-duty scanning. Also known as CCD scanners, they can capture information located at a distance of 35 cm.
  4. 2D Area Imagers: The most versatile of the three can scan all types of barcodes, including 1D, 2D, composite, stacked, and even LCD screens. 

Best barcode scanner for business

Let’s have a look at the type of barcode scanners and understand their application as per industry.  

1. Handheld 1D Scanners

Considered as the go-to scanner for retailers, 1D scanners offer simplicity, efficiency and automated scanning for faster checkout. These laser scanners are connected to a system with a handheld design for a quick scan. 

Suitable for Businesses: Pharmacies, Garment Stores, Small Warehouses, Offices, Banks and Retail Stores. 

Uses of a Barcode Scanner


TVS BS-C101 Star 

TVS Barcode Scanner BS-C101 Star

This feature-rich scanner is the fastest in this segment, with 330 scans per second. The TVS BS-C101 Star has a higher resolution of 2500 pixels and a higher depth-of-field up to 300mm for better decoding accuracy at a distance.  

TVS BS-L100 Plus 

TVS Barcode Scanner BS-L100 Plus

It is a versatile TVS barcode scanner that fits in any small & medium business environment. With a high depth of focus and minimal divergence, the TVS BS-L100 Plus is undoubtedly worth its affordable cost.  

2. Handheld 2D Scanners

These scanners are used for items that require scanning of alphanumeric information that contain images, website addresses and other binary data. These scanners can perform specific actions with the knowledge and are not necessarily required to stay connected with a database all the time. 

Suitable for Businesses: Healthcare, Supermarkets, Warehouses, Logistics, Parts Manufacturing Units and Toll Plaza. With 2D capabilities, it can be used in cinemas, events, etc., where phone barcodes can lead to more than just storing information. 

Uses of a 2D barcode scanner


TVS BS-i201 G 

TVS Barcode Scanner BS-i201 G

This barcode scanner offers a quick reading of 1D and 2D barcodes with a high sensitivity sensor, even if they are a little damaged or have lost contrast. Its handy use and durable construction make TVS BS-i201 G an excellent scanner for warehouses. 

TVS BS-i201 S BT 

TVS Barcode Scanner BS-i201 S BT

Like the BS-i201, this barcode scanner also scans barcodes that are slightly damaged or reached a print contrast. This is unarguably an affordable smart scanner with a Bluetooth Dongle compatible with windows, android and iOS. Its wireless capabilities allow it to work up to 25 metres of a line of sight. Its offline storage mode of 512000 characters capacity makes TVS BS-i201 S BT the best solution for small warehouses, departmental stores and malls. 

TVS BS-i201 N DPM 

 TVS Barcode Scanner BS-i201 N DPM

The high-density TVS BS-i201 N DPM barcode scanner is suitable for a variety of purposes. Thanks to its 3 million resolution, it can read regular 1D and 2D stickers and scan barcodes printed or etched as Direct Part Markings (DPM) on plastic or metal parts. The multipurpose use of this barcode scanner online and offline extends to scanning QR codes on Aadhaar Card by UIDAI. 

3. Hands-free Scanners

These are heavy-duty scanners that offer hands-free scanning of barcodes. It frees up the user to scan barcodes to increase efficiency and ensure customers don’t need to wait longer. These scanners are designed with area imaging to ensure they can read barcodes on the fly. 

Suitable for Businesses: Supermarket, Retail stores, Production line and Laboratories. 


TVS BS-i302 G 

TVS Barcode Scanner BS-i302 G

With the best in class Frames/Sec rating and motion capture capabilities, TVS BS-i302 G barcode scanner offers efficient readability. It is easily switchable between 1D and 2D modes with the option to trigger automatically or manually. 


A barcode scanner is an essential component of any business looking to boost efficiency, increase employee convenience, reduce manual errors for inventory management or saving money on the retailing pipeline. With extended use in PSUs, Events, Mobile Applications, a barcode scanner has become an essential part of any data-driven business.  

Now that you know what kind of barcode scanner your business needs, have a look at the wide range of barcode scanners we offer at: 

Write to us at or you may visit 

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    With extended use in PSUs, Events, Mobile Applications, a barcode scanner has become an essential part of any data-driven business.

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